I have been writing professionally for more than seven years. I have distinguished myself in every organization I've written for, garnering praise and promotions along the way.  Below are samples of my accredited work and descriptions of ghostwritten work.


Marketing copy

I have ample experience writing marketing copy for books and blogs. 

  • Blog content for hundreds of small- and medium-size businesses.
  • More than fifty video scripts explaining grammar and usage rules. 
  • Back cover copy, author biographies, promotional text, and other marketing materials for dozens of books. 
"T. J. is a uniquely gifted writer whose work continues to wow both employers and clients. He is willing and able to take on any project thrown his way and complete it quickly and with excellence." 

—Miranda Dunning
Editorial Manager, Elite Editing


I always take serious projects seriously, but humor is a big part of my life and career. To get a feel for my sense of humor, take a look at these goofs, including Onion-style articles I've written for news satire sites.