My editing career began in 2012, when I edited blog articles for small and medium-sized businesses. I started editing books in 2016, when I began work for Ooligan Press. I am most familiar with Chicago style, though I am comfortable navigating any style guide and adhering to its rules. The below samples have been made available for my graduation committee; others may request access. 



I've spent countless hours flipping through The Chicago Manual of Style, and I've developed a keen eye for errors and inconsistencies. Below are three spreadsheets with proofing notes, all of which are for books published through Ooligan Press. Each of the proofreads were collaborative, with the sections split between several proofreaders.



I've had the honor of copyediting a broad variety of manuscripts for editing firm Elite Editing, for my copyediting class, and for Ooligan Press. 

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Developmental editing/Line Editing

One of the most fulfilling aspects of editing is helping an author express their intended message on a global and line level. Here are samples of developmental and line edits I've done in class and for Ooligan Press. 

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