About Me

 Summit of Mt. Adams, Washington, 2016

Summit of Mt. Adams, Washington, 2016

I was born and raised in the Portland, Oregon, area. In 2011, I earned a BA in English from the University of Oregon with a minor in creative writing. I began freelance writing before I graduated and was soon hired as a full-time writer for Student Experts, an online marketing firm. At one point, I wrote four thousand words a day for HVAC firms, law firms, restaurants, and dozens of other companies. I was promoted to editor within a year and managed the work of three writers. 

I earned a byline in 2014 when I became a staff writer and SEO specialist for The Manual, an online men's lifestyle magazine. There, I interviewed professionals and wrote articles based on common search terms. Eager to expand my horizons, I enrolled in the book publishing master's program at Portland State University in fall 2016. I viewed it as a responsible compromise between cultivating marketable skills and developing my creative side. Classes in book editing, copyediting, and developmental editing sharpened my editing skills, while classes in book design and marketing broadened my skill set. Included in the book publishing program was an internship with Ooligan Press, a not-for-profit publishing house staffed by graduate students. At Ooligan, I took on a variety of editing tasks, including proofreading for At the Waterline and developmental editing and copyediting for 50 Hikes in the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests. As project manager for 50 Hikes, I oversaw all aspects of publication, including editing, design, and marketing. 

I'm a versatile writer and editor who will only turn down a project if I judge it to be the responsible thing to do—if I'm already committed or if I deem myself unqualified. I resist specialization, preferring the richness of variety. Though I  bill myself as an editor, I have a great fondness for writing, marketing, and design. Dabbling in various fields has given me a clear view of each step of the publishing process, which I believe makes me an asset in this inherently collaborative business.

I enjoy all aspects of editing. The logician in me relishes adhering to a style guide, while the artist in me enjoys nurturing beauty on a line and global level. My editorial philosophy is to never get in the author's way. Every author writes for a reason, and to interfere with their vision is to take their reason from them. My job as an editor is to identify the author's reason for writing and bring it to the fore without imposing my own interests.

My life is filled with privilege—as an editor and a human being, I seek to use my privilege and skill set to fine-tune and amplify the voices of the less privileged. If authors want or need my help, I am humbled and honored to provide it.